Monday, September 12, 2005

Enter the eye twitch.

About a year or two ago I was under a great deal of stress, not just the run of the mill, "someone key'd my car" type of stress. The type of stress that when you go to bed at night (if you can sleep) you wake up in the same exact position and your muscles are still tensed up. There I was, all stressed out and for some funny reason I developed an annoying eye twitch. This thing bugged the hell out of me and it had me worried. What if it progressed and my whole face started to go into spasms, I’d be screwed. My fear of having some sort of nervous disorder led me to seek the help of a qualified professional. I went to see a doctor, actually a doctor of law, but he was more like a psychiatrist. I’d tell him my problems then he’d tell me his and I’d always walk away feeling better. So I walked into his office and I told him that was under an inordinate amount of stress and that I developed an eye twitch that will not go away. He smiled and said, “ahh… the eye twitch. Mine started back in law school and it’s been with me ever since” then he gently rubbed his left eyebrow. I couldn’t believe my ears. This freaking thing is going to be with me for life. He continued, “it’ll grow on you and on the days when it’s not there you’ll miss it.” At that moment it started twitching. I think it sensed a kindred spirit, or the stress of being disfigured brought it out. Strangely enough I saw my friends left eye begin twitch also, it was as if they were communicating. Fortunately, I was able to work through my stressful situation and the twitch went back to where it came from. Now, I’m in law school and I’m waiting for it to make an appearance. So far nothing, but then again, it’s only the third week.

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