Thursday, January 26, 2006

Listening to fireworks

A good friend once told me that talking about Aikido is like listening to fireworks over a phone. I imagine the same could be said of looking at photographs. Aikido can't be expressed fully in photographs or words, Aikido needs to be felt. What I express in the pictures is not Aikido, but my view of the world at the time these photos were created, nothing more, nothing less. To view these photos is to see the world as I did. Beauty in art is not dependent on what the art looks like, sounds like, or tastes like. The beauty is in the emotional harmony that develops between the creator and the audience through the creation. When art is experienced and the audience "feels" something, and that "something" is what the artist felt (or simply what the the audience feels the artist felt) during its creation, then that's damn good art.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Every Day

It's important to pay attention to the signs around us, you never know where there may be more to them than meets the eye.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

For my love

The sun is setting and rising.
I sleep while you've been awake.
Our lungs move as one, as do our arms.
Together we swim.
Separated by what's behind the eyes.
In plain sight the discovery awaits.

When speaking of It

You are wrong,
the Christians are wrong,
the Jews are wrong,
the Muslims are wrong,
the Hindus are wrong,
the Sikhs are wrong,
the Jains are wrong,
the Taoists are wrong,
the Buddhists are wrong,
the Bahai are wrong,
the Atheists are wrong,
the Shamans are wrong,
and I am wrong.

Back from Vacation

Here are few pictures I took while on vacation [I was demonstrating the photo capabilities of a digicam we gave as a gift, all of these were taken in my finance's parents garden with a Canon Elph, 3 megapixel camera and edited with MS office picture manager]. I spent my two weeks split between Argentina and Chile. The wealth I witnessed was greater than any I've ever seen before, daily it was displayed in the shared meals amongst my finance's family. Each meal was a family event. Fourteen year old grandchildren to eighty year old grandparents were equally engaged in the preparation of the meals and the ensuing conversations. The flavor and nutrition of the food was enhanced by the love and respect that was present at each meal. Truly the greatest measure of one's wealth is the ability to share a meal with those you love and admire.